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Prayer of the Faithless

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The world is on the verge of being consumed by the Fog, an ever-growing mist that corrupts and destroys all life within it. Unable to reach the source, humanity has no chance to stop the Fog’s progression, and can only cower in their settlements waiting for the end. Within one such settlement, two friends, the cynical Aeyr Wilder and the kindhearted Mia Alacruz, suffer catastrophic events destroy the very foundations of their lives. As they each struggle to find a way to survive, they are forced to make the choice between their precious friendship and following the path they each believe is right.

Prayer of the Faithless infuses elements of classic survival horror games with traditional turn-based battles common in RPGs. Excluding regularly available healing skills, players must rely on managing resources and strategic battles in order to survive.

Designed, written, developed, and drawn by Eric Dillon. Original Soundtrack composed by collaborator Eric Louis Ramos.