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Remnants of Isolation

RoI Title

Available on Steam for $1.99

Grand Prize winner of the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest.

Remnants of Isolation follows the story of a young, silent girl locked in an interdimensional castle for the crime of being born with magic power.  After her cell suddenly opens, she learns that the castle is overrun with inhuman abominations. Teaming up with a young man, the only other survivor in the castle, she chooses to defy her fate and seek freedom.

Solidarity is the theme for Remnants of Isolation, and this carries over into gameplay. Alone, the girl is quite weak. When teaming up with the man, the pair can combine their magic to create unique and powerful effects.

Designed, written, and developed by Eric and unity. Art by Sooz.

Soul Sunder

Soul Sunder Title

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Soul Sunder is the story of Zero, a young woman whose life was shattered when she unintentionally sets in motion events in her childhood that left her village destroyed, her brother dead, and her best friend crippled for life. Nine years later, Zero receives a letter from an unknown sender calling her to the depths of Purgatory, a horrific castle where she could learn the truth behind those events and finally set her life right.

Soul Sunder is a Survival-RPG where exploration, resource management, and strategy take precedence over levels and powerful skills. Carefully equipping gear and items on each character will be the key to survival.

Soul Sunder was featured on the front page of on June 2015, and nominated for Best Storytelling and Direction, Best Characters, Best Atmosphere, and Game of the Year awards.



Aeturnium Title

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Aeturnium is a local competitive multiplayer escape the room game created in Unity. A psychopath has trapped five unfortunate souls who wronged him in a killing dungeon. To survive, the victims must use their wits and individual stats and quirks to solve the puzzles the killer sets to escape before their minds break.

One player controls the victim as they explore the dungeon, and the other controls the psycho attempting to stop them. The victim must collect golden key fragments in each room of the dungeon in order to complete the key to escape the room before their sanity meter runs out and their mind breaks. The psycho must set traps in each room to play to the victim’s weaknesses to keep them trapped as long as possible.

Eric coded the trap building mechanics and UI.

Blinding Steel

Blinding Steel

Get the Alpha here.

Side-scrolling endless runner created in Defold. You control an unnamed ninja as they jump from rooftop to rooftop fighting off enemy ninjas with sword and kunai. Each weapon can be upgraded using skill points in order to customize your playing experience.

Physics, gameplay, economy, and UI by Eric.